Dear Homebody! You are Okay!

Here it is! The most important thing for most homebodies to understand – there is nothing wrong with you! 

Yes, contrary to your family and friends (and much of society at large), you aren’t weird. You are not broken!  The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. The official announcement! YOU ARE OKAY!!!  Let me say that again loud and proud – It’s Okay to be a Homebody! No more shame. No more excuses.  I dare say, without us, the universe could well fall out of balance.  

As a proud, life-long homebody, I’m not merely about making my desire to stay home okay in the polls of public opinion; I’m about embracing it as an actual, bonafide lifestyle and learning to make the most of the spaces and time spent there. 

I love being at home. I love being surrounded by the things I enjoy and the unique spaces that are mine alone. It’s where I want to be every day, all day. It took me a long time to figure it out and as silly as it sounds now, it took way too many years for me to be okay with it

You know what else? I love people! I love talking to people and interacting with my friends and family. They are always welcome at my house! I’m not anti-social. Let’s settle that argument upfront. 

Also, I’m not suffering from agoraphobia. I can leave my home at any time. 

I’m not paralyzed by a social anxiety disorder, though admittedly I am far more comfortable when I am at home to be sure. That’s a personality trait and not a diagnosis.

I’m not a hermit nor an excentric recluse that has turned their backs on the world outside. I don’t even mind when those descriptors are applied to my behavior. It’s okay. I’m here to educate, open eyes, and save the world.

In short, I just want to stay home without excuses, apologies, and self-recriminations.  It wasn’t always the case, but I’m there now, and I love it! It’s a great space to live in! 

Every homebody has their reasons for craving the homebody lifestyle. I can only speak for myself and my personality. I’ve always been an introvert. I’ve found many of us “stay at home” types do have that in common; but not always. For me, home is the place to recharge. It’s the most comfortable place in the world for me. It’s where I find strength. It’s my escape from the noise from the world outside. It’s haven.  It’s refuge.

What’s more, I’m comfortable with me. I’m okay in my head. I don’t need the outside distractions because I’m not trying to escape my own thoughts. I don’t need someone outside me to make me feel complete. I don’t seek outside sources to feel accepted or approved. Any of this sounding familiar to you? My fellow homebodies are smiling at this point because they get it.  I don’t need to be outside to be completed on the inside.  

I’m creative and sometimes insightful. I find great pleasure in doing things alone, and I find I’m rarely bored because I can discover an infinite number of things to do at home that are productive and fulfilling as anything found outside my driveway. Again, when you are comfortable in your own skin the company of one is usually enough.   

Speaking of which, I’m not lonely. Being a homebody does not mean I can’t find someone. I can keep my own company or socialize with others as I like.  Many homebodies are married with children. We aren’t depressed, highly medicated or entirely socially awkward. 

In truth, I’ve found the majority of homebodies to be well-adjusted, happy people. It is the misconceptions about them that is the most difficult thing we/they have to deal with. The outside pressures from well-meaning friends and family trying to fix something that isn’t broken about us can strain relationships. It also puts a great deal of stress on the homebody to do things they don’t want to do. It inevitably causes them to look inward to find something wrong where nothing is amiss. This is where self-doubt is born.  All these factors can certainly make the outside world seem unappealing and something to be avoided after all, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

So, to the world outside or those behind closed doors that are struggling, homebodies are okay! Embrace your beautiful, homebody-self! Work in your gardens, play in your yards, enjoy your crafts and hobbies, explore your creative nature, decorate your space and make it uniquely yours. We understand that home is a universe all unto itself.  Curl up in quiet solitude or contemplate your introspective nature in home-activities meaningful to you. And if you are genuinely fortunate, perhaps you’ll find a career that allows you to work from home.   The ultimate in homebody lifestyle living!

As a final thought, I said earlier that homebodies might be the world’s savors. In this great big amazingly beautiful world of diversity, we as homebodies are simply doing our part to maintain that “something different” needed to keep the universal balance or else the whole freakin’ thing may fall apart. Yin-Yang you all!  So for goodness sake, stay home more!    It’s okay and so are you – completely!

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